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I am Sue Toomey from LeHigh Valley Health Network, a 1000+ bed health system. I’ve been in the value analysis profession for five years. In my day-to-day, I manage the perioperative services area for value analysis.  I’m challenged with/struggle with/excel at the new technology being introduced on a daily basis into the perioperative environment.  I changed my career/I’m passionate about from contracting to value analysis because I found the field intriguing.

***Be sure to say at the end: “I am Value Analysis”. ( #IamValueAnalysis will be imprinted on screen)


  1. Quiet place
  2. Keep the camera at/above your face to reduce double chins
  4. Make sure there aren’t sources of light behind you that are bright. The phone will silhouette you into darkness
  5. Mount it on a tripod, or set it somewhere stable if possible

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