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2019 Elections
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2019 Elections for Board of Directors

Nominees for President Elect

Laura L. Polson, BSN, RN-BC, CVAHP

System Services Director, Clinical Quality Value Analysis 

Baptist Healthcare Incorporated (KY, IN)

Laura joined AHVAP in 2004. She has been an RN for 36 years working in nearly all sub-specialties including Director of Surgical Services and Corporate Clinical Director of Cardiovascular Services for HCA Healthcare. Laura has been a KY Division Product utilization Director for HCA and a Corporate Director of Value Analysis for Norton Healthcare. She has been the AHVAP Northeast Regional Director for the last two years and currently sits on the Marketing (Co-Chair) and Membership (Board Liaison) Committees. She has also been in the AHVAP Preceptorship Program as a mentor for other members.

If elected I would like to bring my passion and knowledge of clinical quality value analysis to serve our members in raising community awareness in the healthcare supply chain, clinical/non-clinical areas, and with vendors and manufacturers. As a spokesperson I can share our unique knowledge base which positions us to benefit our organization’s success in this rapidly changing healthcare world. Having been a regional director for the past 2 years I know what our strategic plans for improvement currently are and would work tirelessly to make sure we achieve all of our short and long term goals. I have spent a lifetime driving value through every system I have worked for and will do the same for AHVAP. I will assure each and every member gets a chance to participate, gain VA expertise, network with their peers and be able to share with their own organizations just how valuable this membership has been to them in their roles. I hold this position in the highest esteem and would maintain all the standards of conduct and performance which you all would expect from your President. I greatly appreciate the nomination and if voted in to office will do everything in my power to improve and expand our wonderful Association of Healthcare Value Analysis!


Wanda Lane RN, MaED, CVAHP

Vice President, Client Management,

Value Analysis Specialist

BroadJump LLC

Wanda has three decades of healthcare experience, functioning in various capacities from bedside nurse to owner of a nursing consulting business. Her background includes roles as a clinical implementation specialist and a healthcare services vendor. Prior to joining BroadJump, Wanda was the Value Analysis Manager for Regional One Health in Memphis, Tennessee. She is a doctoral candidate writing her dissertation on Organizational Leadership, focusing on generational communication and interactions in the workplace. Recently, she was named Senior Editorial Advisor for OR Manager magazine.

 She has been a member of AHVAP for eight years participating in various committees including the marketing, education, and membership committees. She has served as the Southeast Region Director and is currently one of the Conference Committee Co-Chairs. 

I feel strongly that value analysis, as a profession, sits on a precipice.  As an organization, AHVAP has made great strides to become the recognized authority on healthcare value analysis principles and best practices. The work of the last several years has been especially significant. We created and have maintained our professional certification, established a five-year strategic plan, prioritized goals and, acting upon the need for a better working relationship with our supply partners, created an affiliate membership level for those who want to play a more active role in our organization. As president-elect, I would continue to work with and challenge our Board to push ourselves, capitalizing on this momentum, to accomplish the goals we established in our strategic plan. Building a library of empirical literature to serve as the source of choice for our members, continuing to build on our affiliate membership options, including strategic partnerships with physicians and other healthcare professionals who are building budding value analysis programs, and establishing ourselves as the elite professional organization for all Value Analysis Professionals. I would like to see the Preceptor/Protégé program expanded and envision developing a working relationship with an accredited university to offer a value analysis professional track. To accomplish these goals, I would ask that the Board continue to acknowledge and support the need to reach higher, stretch further and push harder to be the elite value analysis professional organization we are on the way to becoming. Thank you for your time. 


Nominees for Treasurer

Christopher Hannon

Supervisor, Value Analysis Program

Hackensack Meridian Health

Short Bio Chris is presently the Supervisor of the Value Analysis Program at Hackensack Meridian Health. He is a seventeen year veteran of healthcare supply chain. He has been a member of AHVAP for three years, and is the current Chair of the Educational Development Committee.

Brief Statement: As organization like AHVAP develop and grow into larger organizations; it is necessary to offer fresh perspectives, different approaches, and new visions. As Treasurer I hope to bring opportunities forward to cut costs, increase value, and hopefully assist in strengthening the current financial status of AHVAP. 

Nominees for Northeast Regional Director

Susan Toomey

Sr. Value Analysis Coordinator

Lehigh Valley Health Network

Sue brings more than 31 years of healthcare experience to our industry and is an active member of AHVAP since September of 2012 when she transitioned from a Contract & Product Manager to a Value Analysis Coordinator within the Perioperative Services department at Lehigh Valley Health Network. Sue immediately joined AHVAP to volunteer with the Marketing Committee assisting her AHVAP peers to enhance the visibility of membership through social media, website development, and marketing strategies. Sue is AHVAP’s Board Treasurer, Co-Chair of the Conference Committee, and has assisted in the development and critiquing our industry’s first Certified Value Analysis Healthcare Professional (CVAHP) Program.

If elected as AHVAP’s NE Regional Director, my commitment is to bring proven experience to members and affiliates to enrich the future of all value analysis professionals and expand upon peer relationships. Together we all have a passion for healthcare and supporting AHVAP’s mission as the professional healthcare value analysis leaders of our industry. I also believe in continuous education by recently receiving my bachelor’s degree in Health Administration, maintaining CHVAP and CMRP credentials, and bringing quality education to the forefront to assist in member mentorship and fostering future leaders. As a long-term healthcare professional, I embrace change and have the determination to strengthen my organization, departments, and committees that I lead and participate in. I encourage innovative thinking, getting involved, risk taking, and continuous improvement.  My philosophy is to bring value to all supporting services and departments where a culture of value analysis is at the forefront of clinical integration. I believe in thorough communication, collaborating clinical and nonclinical staff, and supporting my organization through the progressive development of products and technologies that are keeping us all highly motivated. We are in an exciting time where providers and suppliers are partnering to bring value propositions to meet the continuum of care with improved outcomes, controlled healthcare costs, and providing services where consumers are driving the need for convenient healthcare services and patient self-management.

AHVAP has given me strength, encouragement, and professional development in this ever-changing healthcare landscape by being involved with peers and utilizing best practice resources that are readily available to educate and standardize my organization’s value analysis practices. I’m confident by working together that members and affiliates will become enriched with exceptional value to their organization. 

Nominees for Western Regional Director

Name:  Elizabeth Eisenberg MSN, RN

Title:  Clinical Resource Specialist  

Organization:  Scripps Health, San Diego, California

Brief Bio

In 2015, Scripps Health committed to a substantial investment of building a Value Analysis program involving more than 20 leaders and stakeholders, many who had little or no previous experience in this field yet demonstrated the ability and passion for driving efficiency.  I began my newly-created position at Scripps Health in June of 2015 as a Clinical Resource Specialist in Corporate Supply Chain along with the team of nurses, contract analysts, contract specialists, finance leaders and supply chain leaders.  This team was at the initial stages of designing a Value Analysis program with physician co-management structure and a Value Analysis Medical Director.  Immediately recognized that AHVAP had members with decades of value analysis experience, a rich membership from clinical to supply chain to executive leaders and collaboration with them was critical to our success.

Joining AHVAP and attending the conference in Scottsdale AZ in the Fall of 2015 not only impressed me, but it also solidified my desire to become a part of this organization and to support current and future initiatives of the organization.  First, I immediately joined the Education and Development committee and collaborated with the team to redesign and streamline online resources and templates, so others could have much easier access to critical tools.  The results of this work created streamlined access, ease of searching and reduced the time it would take members to access documents on the site.  Recently, I was selected to be a Co-Chair of the Education and Development committee.  During the past 2 years, I have served as Nurse Planner for the CE credit application process for the annual conference.  This has yielded a much more streamlined and efficient process by aligning the presentation selection criteria to the CE credit requirements.  Finally, and as a result of my involvement in the annual conference, I became an ad hoc member of the AHVAP Conference Committee and plan to be a sitting member for the conference this upcoming year.


Energized and enthusiastic in my involvement in AHVAP for the past 3 years prompts me to continue to collaborate and drive more strategic initiatives within the organization.  Having experienced first-hand the value of AHVAP membership, I am called to perpetuate the momentum through creative and innovative ideas for organizational growth, specifically in the Western Region.  First, recruiting new members and increasing membership as well as affiliate exposure will remain a top priority.  Without a strong and engaged membership base, evolution and growth could stagnate.  Next, continuing valuable collaboration and communication with the existing member base and future affiliates will continue to drive the value proposition of AHVAP both internally and externally.  Finally, being proactive to marketplace changes and needs is essential and I believe that Board Members should also be thought leaders around the practice of Value Analysis.  I am poised and energized to meet this challenge.  Thank you for your consideration.  



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