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2018 Board of Directors Nominees
board ballot

The Nominating Committee is pleased to introduce the 2018 AHVAP slate of candidates. Candidates were asked a few questions to help you get to know them better. Please review the information candidates have shared in their snapshots below.

button President-Elect (in alphabetical order)

  • Melanie Miller
  • Susan Miller


  • Mary Beth Potter

buttonCentral Regional Director

  • Kim Hilliard

buttonSoutheast Regional Director

  • Barbara Strain


melanie miller

Melanie Miller, RN, CNOR, CVAHP
Value Analysis Consultant, Self Employed

A highly motivated, team oriented nursing professional, experienced in direct patient care, peri-operative care management and materials management with strong focus on sterile processing production and value analysis.  Strengths include supply chain management and sterile processing to achieve gold standard performance ensuring patient safety, surgeon and staff satisfaction and regulatory compliance.  Design operational processes to improve and reduce safety concerns, support infection prevention, and enhance physician and nursing satisfaction.

Candidate Statement: I am committed to AHVAP, a team player, cheer leader and supporter.  Whether I hold an office or not, I believe that my core responsibility as a member is to participate, help influence our position within the healthcare community, supply partner support and peer organizations such as AHRMM, APIC and SHEA.  I think I bring experience and a well rounded background to the role of president.

How long have you been in your current healthcare value analysis position?  I am fortunate to have been a HVA consultant for 3 years.  I was a VA leader at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for 10 years.

How long have you been a member of AHVAP? Since prior to inception

What value do you find/get from membership in AHVAP?   AHVAP partners like minded professionals who concentrate their efforts in the Healthcare Value Analysis space. They understand that metrics partnered with intuition, resourcing , sustainability and clinical excellence impacting direct patient care outcomes and satisfaction

What committee work or other supporting activities have you participated in as a member of AHVAP?  Regional Director for 4 years, President Elect 2  years, President 2 years, Past President 1 Year, Past President Group 5  years, Annual Conference Planning Chair or Co -Chair 10 years, Membership Chair or co- chair 3 years

What do you see as the most pressing issues for value analysis today and how would you envision contributing to advancing the practice and addressing these issues?  It is time to ensure that we align with supply chain, sourcing and contracting - we make a difference and impact quality scores, we are recognized at the Magnet level but not always in the C-Suite - we need our expertise in evidence -based, outcome driven decision making recognized at all levels in our HCOs

Why would you encourage others to get more involved in AHVAP? AHVAP is an amazing opportunity for members. We teach and reinforce basic value sourcing and value analysis analytics which round out each member’s personal branding strategy. We are committed to showcasing our members’ successes at our annual conferences. We created a certification program that compares favorably with other like minded organizations including AHRMM.  We provide a context of support and truly ensure that your network is always available through our website and regional contacts.  Additionally, we are committed to constantly upgrading our offerings to members to ensure that we are the natural choice for value analysis professionals.

Susan Miller

Susan Miller, RN, MN, CMRP
Director, Value Analysis
Thomas Jefferson U. Hospital, Inc.

AHVAP is a tremendously valuable resource for many of us who are involved in Value Analysis work and I am honored to have been nominated to be its President Elect. Just as the essence of Value Analysis is focused around balancing clinical needs and optimal patient outcomes with organizational financial imperatives, the essence of AHVAP, in my mind, must be focused around building and sustaining membership while remaining relevant as a networking and educational resource for Value Analysis professionals.

Candidate Statement: As Co-Chair and Chair of AHVAP’s Membership Committee over the past 4 years, I’ve learned a great deal about our members: why individuals want to join AHVAP; why they renew their membership - and why they don’t, and, at the macro level, what are our membership trends over time. It’s exciting to see that AHVAP membership has been steadily trending upward – however, it is more concerning that the retention rate which hovers between 70% - 75% has remained essentially flat. This tells me that we have more work to do! Clearly our value as a networking and educational resource has been focused not only around meeting member’s immediate needs but also around defining and elevating the Value Analysis professional through creating the industry’s first and only healthcare value analysis credential. I am committed to furthering the development of the CVAHP credential both in terms of content as organizational and healthcare needs change and expansion of the CHAVP credential beyond the current 60+ members.

I commend our current Board of Directors for engaging in a Strategic Planning process this year! This process is critical to the sustainability and further growth and relevance of AHVAP. I look forward, with great excitement, to analyzing the results of that planning and to developing and implementing strategies and processes to solidify and ensure our future as the preeminent resource for healthcare Value Analysis professionals

In short, if elected, I am committed to balance both respect for history of our great organization and the legacy of our founding colleagues, while at the same time striving to position AHVAP to be relevant and sustainable in the future. This will be accomplished through focus and attention to:

  • membership growth and, more importantly, retention
  • furthering development of the CHAHP credential as industry needs change, and, expansion of the percentage of AHVAP members who have achieved the CVAHP certification
  • analyzing the results of the current Strategic Planning process and, in concert with the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and AHVAP membership, creating and implementing a roadmap which will sustain and strengthen our great organization in the years ahe


Mary Beth Potter

Mary Beth Potter, RN, BS, CVAHP
Independent Clinical Value Analysis Consultant, Retired

Past experience: UnityPoint Health  - 42½  years

Professional Background: Twenty years of clinical and management experience in Med Surg and Cardiology at Iowa Lutheran Hospital, five years of IT Clinical Project Management with Iowa Health System, six years in Materials and Logistics at Iowa Health Des Moines and Allen Hospital and 11 ½  years as Director of Clinical Value Analysis and Pharmaceutical Contracting for Iowa Health System/ Unity Point Health. I was responsible to convene end-user groups to validate the functional acceptability of products and equipment before making a contractual commitment.  Identifying “best practice” and reviewing the evidence provides user groups the data required to make an informed decision and lays the groundwork for performance tracking

Professional Membership: I have been a member of AHVAP since 2005 and served as President Elect in 2015. I co-chaired the Conference Committee for several years and currently serve on the Education, Marketing, Conference Planning and CVAHP Committees. also have the pleasure of serving on the editorial board of the CR Bard Publication, Value Analysis & Standardization Newsletter.

Candidate Statement: It is such an honor to be nominated for AHVAP Secretary.  I served in this role prior to serving as President so am familiar with the responsibilities. If I am elected, my primary focus will be to communicate the work of the Board to AHVAP members and work with our management services to ensure meeting minutes and meeting schedules are available on the website. I also think it critical for the health of AHVAP to be grooming successors for each role so that will be my secondary focus during my term.  Thank-you for this opportunity to serve.

Central Regional Director

Kimberly Hilliard

Kimberly Hilliard, RN
System Director Contracts & Value Analysis, Baptist Health

Professional Summary
Baptist Health – Supply Chain –December 2007 to Present
System Director CQVA & Contracts – effective February 2017
Manager Value Analysis (CQVA) & Contracts

  • Manage and oversee the contract process & the value analysis process for Baptist Health System.  Accountable for the overall cost savings projections for purchased services, supplies & equipment.
  • Strategize & Negotiate contracts
  • Perform & oversee the management of all Baptist Health contracts for business & legal term changes with the exception of Physician Agreements and Lease Agreements.
  • Work closely with internal legal counsel for contract review and final execution
  • Accountable for the CQVA processes and outcomes as they relate to the overall strategic goal of Supply Chain
  • Manage a team of 10 employees
  • Key contact for physician preference initiatives with the physician’s & suppliers
  • Manage vendor relations.  Hold key business review meetings with suppliers
  • Active participant in our GPO / Upper Midwest Purchasing Group

Candidate Statement: I feel that I will be an asset to AHVAP in this position, as I have been an active member of AHVAP for three years and have held a position of Value Analysis for ten years.  My 27 year nursing career with the same healthcare system has proven to be one of growth and opportunity across the spectrum.  From the bedside to the negotiation table, I still feel valued as a professional and I work hard and coach my team to strive to do what is always best for the patient.  I currently serve as Co-Chair on the AHVAP New Member Committee.  It has been a fun learning experience and allows me to network with colleagues throughout the healthcare industry.

Southeast Regional Director

barbara strain

Barbara Strain, MA, CVAHP
Director Value Management, University of Virginia Health System

Barbara Strain is the Director of Value Management at the University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville, VA.  In her current role Barbara directs the value management program which collaborates with physicians, nurses and staff across the care continuum providing the infrastructure to standardize products and reduce practice variation.  Employing a team of VA nurses and analysts their data driven results approach to manage resource utilization has produced more than $43M of savings over the past 8 years.  Barbara also coordinates LEAN activities related to supply chain and value analysis to identify and eliminate waste by using data analytics and systems thinking.

Prior to joining Supply Chain Management, Barbara managed the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory operations at UVA.  Additionally she served as the institutional fire safety chair and facilitated performance improvement initiatives as a Six Sigma green belt.

Barbara is a founding member and past president of the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals. Barbara has published several healthcare value management and supply chain in healthcare and speaks nationally on a variety of topics including personal viability, process improvement, sustainability and safety.

Candidate Statement:
I am honored to be nominated by my fellow AHVAP members for the position of South East Region Director. As healthcare has changed over the last 13 years AHVAP has responded by developing into a non-profit organization with exceptional educational opportunities to meet the needs of its member today and tomorrow. It would be my honor to represent the members of the Southeast region to create a collective voice for all members to inform the AHVAP of tomorrow.  The Board is an  instrument that assesses the healthcare provider and supplier environment to advance strategies to support its current members and recruit new members.  It would be a privilege to work for you.


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