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AHVAP Panel Discussion - How Value Analysis is working for us! - Sept. 11th at 3:00 -4:300 ET

Posted By Susan A. Toomey, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Tuesday, September 23, 2014

By:  Mary E. (Beth) Potter, RN, BS, Director of Clinical Value Analysis                          Unity Point Health

If you were not one of the 42 members on the call, you missed a great presentation hosted by Hayes and presented by Kumbia Lewis, AHVAP Central Region Director, Dennis Mullins, MBA, CMRP Corporate Director, Supply Chain Integration, and Dr. Alan Weier, Medical Director of the emergency department at Baylor Regional Medical Center Plano, member of the system’s ED Council and member of the Baylor Quality Alliance ED sub-committee.

The Baylor Health Care System, based in Dallas, Texas and Scott & White Healthcare, based in Temple, Texas, formed a new organization in 2013 that combined the strengths of their two nationally recognized health systems. With 36,000 employees, 6,000 affiliated physicians, 500 patient care sites, 46 hospitals, 5216 licensed beds, and $5.8 Billion total net operating revenue, you can imagine the challenges Dr. Weier, Dennis, and Kumbia faced with the Product Line Standardization project.

Dr. Weier provided an overview of how he collaborated with the Value Analysis Team and Supply Chain Services to realize ED standardization while Dennis Mullins and Kumbia Lewis shared Baylor’s overview with Scott and White’s Value Analysis review including the decision steps that are navigated through the Supply Chain continuum.  The one statement that resonated for me was “If you are serious about hitting goals, you must have Administrative support.”

Cheri Berri-Lesh, AHVAP Western Region Director served as moderator for this very informative presentation.  A common theme in requests from members is for practical examples for application of Value Analysis processes.  This presentation certainly met that expectation.  Our thanks to Dr. Weier, Dennis, and Kumbia for sharing their experiences and lessons learned.

SAVE THE DATE: Next Regional Meeting is scheduled for December 11, 2:00-3:00 Central.

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It's All in a Day's Work!

Posted By Administration, Monday, September 8, 2014
Updated: Monday, September 8, 2014

By Peg Tinker, MSA, LAC, LSW


Change is all around us and value analysis professionals don’t have to look far to realize that they are in a pivotal role when it comes to adding value within an organization.  The demand for professionals who have recognized knowledge, skills and abilities will only intensify as organizations demand more diligence to improve value and outcomes. 


Terms like:

·         Waste reduction,

·         Evidence based healthcare

·         Shared decision making

·         Strategic growth

·         Value based purchasing and more

Are all in a day’s work for today’s value analysis professional. 


That’s precisely why certification for our industry is so important and for the certificant it demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning and career advancement.  It means recognition for skills and competency in the work they do and the value they bring.  For healthcare organizations and society it means that organizations can count on the certified value analysis professional to be held to fundamental standards, a higher knowledge base and a set of skills that promote greater competency. 


I hope you’ll join me this next year in advancing your value analysis career and our profession by diving into the curriculum and ultimately becoming a Certified Healthcare Value Analysis Professional (CHVAP).


How will certification help you advance your career?  Will you be joining others in this endeavor? 


Keep in mind that it’s all in a day’s work but far more existing for the value analysis professionals to have certification recognition for the hard work that is performed every day. 


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Posted By Administration, Friday, August 15, 2014

By Dee Donatelli RN, BSN, MBA
AHVAP President

What a fantastic year for AHVAP at the 2014 AHRMM Conference for having the largest pre-conference attendance contributed to the outstanding job of our AHVAP members who presented Value Analysis 101 and 201 sessions. AHVAP’s Value Analysis Team collaborated with AHRMM attendees through interactive dialog and actionable sessions creating an increased interest and support of AHVAP and membership in the association.  In fact, two attendees from Turkey were so excited about the Value Analysis information and approach taken here in the states that they had plans to start programs in their facilities.  How cool is this to share with colleagues from other countries? 

AHVAP’s goal is to be represented as the Leading Practice of Value Analysis by clearly identifying the path for growth and interest specifically in the offering of Value Analysis education and certification.  If you’re not currently aware, AHVAP will have Value Analysis course curriculum and educational on-line learning modules the later part of this year.  The course content is currently being developed by highly experienced professional AHVAP members in conjunction with Owens and Minor University (OMU) and ADP professional curriculum and certification experts.  Feel free to contact one of the AHVAP Board members to learn more about the program work content or to ask questions.  More details to come regarding the AHVAP Certification for Value Analysis Professionals targeted for early 2015 will be presented during the AHVAP 2014 October Conference in Tampa Florida and the AHVAP web site.

AHVAP is “the voice of Value Analysis” throughout the healthcare industry and to share some more additional exciting news, AHVAP will be working collaboratively with AHRMM to provide expertise to their Supply Chain Focused on-line education regarding Value Analysis. Keep a watch out for all of these new upcoming and exciting educational offerings all intended to capitalize the “VALUE” of Value Analysis Programs! 

Tags:  AHVAP  AHVAP Conference  cost  health care  interprofessional sharing  Leading Practice of Value Analysis  quality  quality patient care  value analysis  value analysis certification  value analysis professionals 

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Innovation in Value Analysis

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Innovation in Value Analysis:  A  Case Study

By Sue Toomey, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Value Analysis Coordinator


Let’s face it, as Value Analysis professionals we thrive to enhance services, improve utilization, keep staff and clinicians satisfied, and reduce total overall costs while providing quality patient care. We use a variety of strategies to achieve this goal – and a particularly useful communication approach is selling ease of use of the product to be evaluated to the end user, the clinicians and the ease of delivery (from package to patient).  This article describes how the use of a team approach led to cost savings and the controlled use of product.


The Cost of innovation:


Advanced Hemostats & Sealants, a relative newcomer to the surgery market, a product perceived to increase efficiency of care for our patients have significantly increased annual supply expenses.  Keep in mind, a few years back, hospitals did not really incur any major expense in this category (wound closure and hemostasis) until these types of products were developed by manufacturers.  Now we have a new, and growing (with many new competing products being added every day) major product line to manage and track as value analysis professionals to ensure that we are keeping our costs low and quality high.


Optimizing Care Team:


In performing a value analysis review of the Advanced Hemostats and Sealants products at Lehigh Valley Health Network, we were surprised to find that the various sizes of applicators (ml’s) were being over utilized and causing a major cost overrun.   This can easily occur because clinicians do not know the total cost to these types of products.  Clinicians use the products but they don’t actually buy them which limits their ability to evaluate the cost and benefit in the selection of product to offer for use, e.g., utilizing a larger size when a smaller size product would offer the same benefit, without impact on quality and with reduced cost.  Strategic implementation of the Lehigh Valley Health Network measurement processes allows for a multidisciplinary team skilled in clinical and business knowledge,  reviews these types of product lines using clinician consumption and weight calculations.  The results provide an eye opening perspective to the use and total cost of this and other major product lines. 


Interprofessional combined knowledge and influence provides leveraging for managing both cost and quality.


Our Optimizing Care Team (OCT) process provides for Interprofessional  sharing of this type of information with our clinicians providing a platform to review intended use of products allowing guidelines and restrictions,  based on evidence based review , to control and reduce the usage of innovated products.  Often, when increased utilization and costs are recognized it is determined that we should be evaluating competitive products.  Such products are then escalated to OCT and vendor competition is initiated, processes are reviewed, and suppliers are engaged to problem solve product utilization issues (availability of selected sizes and packaging modalities).  The goal of the OCT is to transition products to an alternative (quality and cost focused) vendor who has the value analysis philosophy and clinician collaboration model that aligns with our network.  In this instance, LVHN was able to contribute to a total overall cost savings reduction of 45% to get Advanced Hemostats and Sealant products back under control. 

Managing quality and cost will continue to remain a focus of health care organizations that achieve and exceed their financial bottom line. Interprofessional collaboration is an essential competency to evaluate clinical application of product, but also to analyze value of use – and after all, isn’t that the true meaning of value analysis?


Tags:  AHVAP  cost  health care  interprofessional sharing  quality  quality patient care  value analysis  value analysis professionals 

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Is Your Value Analysis Program a Bridge or a Rope?

Posted By Susan A. Toomey, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Updated: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
By:  Wanda Lane
Clinical Value Analysis Coordinator

How many times have you heard “why should we bother evaluating a different product? Our opinions don’t matter anyway; it’s all about the dollar.” Or “why are we considering more products to solve a practice problem, can’t nurses just scrub the hub?” Maybe “clinically unacceptable or just not pretty enough…clinicians need to learn about costs.” If you have heard comments like these and others, your Value Analysis program probably feels less like a bridge and more like a rope in the healthcare tug of war. 

Bridging the gap between clinical and materials management worlds, Value Analysis professionals provide information to both sides that would otherwise be left open for interpretation. This unique understanding of the logistical and contract obligation language, coupled with clinical knowledge, enables the VA professional to communicate clearly with both sides of the equation. Patient care delivery and product features motivate clinicians, sometimes frustrating Materials Managers who are cost focused. Value Analysts walk freely in both worlds.

Value Analysts also step into the crossfire when the two worlds collide. Dwindling revenue streams, increasing costs and sicker patients put hospitals in a position of financial strain, forcing changes in practice and heightened cost awareness.  These changes frustrate clinicians and materials staff alike, but Value Analysis professionals can thrive in this environment if they follow a few simple rules.

1.      Acknowledge your personal internal conflict. Many VA professionals are clinicians, gifted with a unique perspective. We empathize with our clinical peers and understand the priority on patient care in a personal way versus an abstract concept. Yet, because we understand the financial side of the equation, we are obligated to hold clinicians more accountable for their fiscal awareness.

2.      Present both sides of the arguments fearlessly. Hospitals that survive in this economic environment are making adjustments. VA professionals who openly share the good, bad and ugly of every situation garner trust from both sides, thus improving cooperation.

3.      Use humor. Learn to laugh with, and at the situation. Listening to clinicians argue vehemently that the facility must pay six figures for a product because it is easier to use, while at the same time complaining about the need for more nurses is amusing, frustrating, but amusing. Watching a supply distribution technician explain politely that the facility does not have an in-house stock supply of that “blue clippie thing” can be funny. The situation may not be funny, but the behaviors are. It is all a matter of perspective.

4.      Accept what you cannot control. Clinicians will find work-arounds to the most robust processes. Materials managers will block excellent clinical initiatives because of hard costs. Value Analysis’ role is to provide information to both sides objectively and clearly. Neutrality enhances fairness and trust, elevating your credibility and value to the facility.

Healthcare is fraught with challenges, while also ripe with opportunity. Understanding both sides of the equation positions the Value Analysis professional as the go-to person. Use your unique perspective to advocate for the ultimate customer- the patient!

If you identify with this article, please leave a comment.

Tags:  AHVAP  Healthcare  Hospitals  materials management  Practice  Protocol  Supply Chain  Value Analysis  Wanda Lane 

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AHVAP Webinar: The Nuts and Bolts of Recalls with a Focus on Class One Recalls with Implants

Posted By Administration, Monday, June 16, 2014

If you missed the latest regional meeting on June 12th, you missed an excellent opportunity to learn about a well-structured recall process.  Sonja Glass, RN, BSN, Value Analysis Coordinator for Surgical Services, and AHVAP Eastern Director, and Carolyn Barnette, JD, Insurance and Risk Manager from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, provided a detailed overview of their Recall Process.  Following introductions by Cheri Berri-Lesh, Value Analysis Coordinator at Group Health Cooperative and Western Region Director, Sonja opened the session by defining the types of recalls, the tools used to track them, and the staff members to be included on the Recall team.  Next, Carolyn presented information about the process, legal requirements and rationale then offered examples of practical applications.  An effective process is important not only to the patients we serve but also effectively minimizes exposure to liability for your organization.  In light of the numerous recalls in recent years and heightened public awareness, it is critically important to establish a well-defined process. 

Following the presentation, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and share tips.  In response to requests for copies of the slide presentation, Cheri advised it will be posted on the AHVAP website along with a copy of the Recall Checklist.  There was also a request for a copy of the job description for the Recall Coordinator. There is a possibility the job description for the Recall Coordinator can be shared. Sonja offered to discuss the role with participants.  Sonja’s contact information is available to AHVAP members in the Member Directory on the AHVAP Website.  Our thanks to Sonja and Carolyn for the time they invested to share their expertise with us.  It was much appreciated!

Weren’t able to attend?  The slides and shared documents will be posted on the AHVAP website for members to access. 

Save the Date: The next quarterly call will be September 11, 2014 at 3 pm EST.

Tags:  AHVAP  healthcare  hospital  implants  recalls  resources  Surgical Services  value analysis  Value Analysis Coordinator 

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AHRMM Webinar w/Barbara Strain - An Interprofessional Approach to Controlling Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reduction of CAUTI Lowers Cost and Improves Quality of Patient Care

Date: May 29, 2014

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 pm CST (1:00 - 2:00 pm EST, 10:00 - 11:00 am PST) 

Overview: A webinar describing one academic medical centers experience in an interprofessional approach to reducing catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) hospital acquired infections. The structure of the teams involved, process improvement facilitation, roles of participants, steering committee approvals and implementation plan roll out will be reviewed. Project templates, sample supply standardization lists and costs and graphs will be shared.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the importance of supply chain’s role in improving quality of patient care
  • Initiating and facilitating a value analysis process in order to reduce CAUTI based on identified quality metrics (CMS and other payors)
  • Examine effective team structures and identified roles of participants (SC, physicians, nurses, infection prevention employees, and IT)
  • Explain the executive steering committee involvement and approvals
  • Implementing the process improvement in order to reduce CAUTI – definition of success for University of Virginia (UVA)

Speaker: Barbara Strain, Director Value Management, University of Virginia Health System and Past President of AHVAP


Tags:  AHVAP  Barbara Strain  CAUTI  HAI  Hospital Acquired Infections 

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AHVAP Announces Value Analysis Certification Program

Posted By Robert Yokl, SVAH Solutions, Friday, May 9, 2014

The Association for Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP) is proud to announce a new partnership with Owens & Minor University (OMU) to support and advance the profession of value analysis through education and certification.  Certification programs further knowledge and education, demonstrating mastery of skills, knowledge and abilities.  Achieving certification ensures others in the healthcare industry that value analysis professionals have the discipline required to effectively evaluate and implement changes that improve clinical quality and cost effectiveness.


Working together these organizations will design, implement and offer a certification program, credentialing examination and associated training curriculum to Healthcare professionals.  AHVAP will be responsible for establishing the standards for the certification program and credentialing exam.  OMU will create and deliver the training curricula, course content, and materials along with AHVAP subject matter experts.



AHVAP is a national educational organization focused on assisting Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals in the evaluation of services for clinical quality and cost effectiveness. This is accomplished through the provision and promotion of processes, collaboration and education. To learn more about AHVAP visit   


About Owens & Minor, Inc.

Owens & Minor, Inc. (NYSE: OMI) is a leading healthcare logistics company dedicated to Connecting the World of Medical Products to the Point of CareTM by providing vital supply chain services to healthcare providers and manufacturers of healthcare products. Owens & Minor provides logistics services across the spectrum of medical products from disposable medical supplies to devices and implants. With logistics platforms strategically located in the United States and Europe, Owens & Minor serves markets where three quarters of global healthcare spending occurs. Owens & Minor's customers span the healthcare market from independent hospitals to large integrated healthcare networks, as well as group purchasing organizations, healthcare products manufacturers, and the federal government. A FORTUNE 500 company, Owens & Minor is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and has annualized revenues exceeding $9 billion. For more information about Owens & Minor, visit the company website at

Tags:  ahvap  owens and minor  value analysis certification  value analysis professionals 

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Welcome to AHVAP’s Newly Redesigned Website and Brand New Blog Page!

Posted By The AHVAP Website Design Team, Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Welcome to the new AHVAP Website and Blog, we look forward to taking your AHVAP member experience to a whole new level of news, education, best practices, forums, How-To Articles, networking and a whole lot more.    Please bear with us while we make some minor modifications over the next few days and weeks to this great feature rich site which is packed with the latest technology that is now available to you our members.Please check back soon as we will have all of the modifications and upgrades completed and be able to give you a whole newly upgraded member experience from our previous site technology.   Plus the AHVAP really has some big plans for programs, education and resources that you really are going to want to come back and see.  We appreciate your patience while we upgrade your new member site! 

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AHRMM and AHVAP Announce Collaboration

Posted By Administration, Sunday, December 1, 2013
Updated: Thursday, May 18, 2017

Preparing Supply Chain and Value Analysis Professionals to Meet the Challenges of Today’s Healthcare Environment

CHICAGO (December 2013) - The Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) and the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP) are pleased to announce a collaboration to develop and cross-promote education, information, and resources that will support clinical and supply chain teams in healthcare organizations in their transition to new payment models.

There are clear synergies between the two organizations and the collaboration between AHRMM and AHVAP is intended to help members of both associations better prepare to manage new complex payment mechanism and to meet diverse patient safety and quality goals. Representation from each association will sit on Education Committees to establish mutual and advanced learning opportunities that will be provided to the members of both organizations.

As the healthcare delivery model is undergoing major transformation, AHRMM is building the Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Movement, which calls for a more holistic approach to the correlation between cost (supplies, procedures, services), quality (patient care and services provided, patient satisfaction, quality of care), and outcomes (financial reimbursement driven by outstanding clinical care at the appropriate costs) as opposed to approaching each independently. Both, AHRMM and AHVAP recognize that value analysis processes are essential to driving the CQO goals.

"We are looking forward to working collaboratively to advance our professions,” stated Dee Donatelli, President of AHVAP. "With so much to accomplish, together we can achieve a much greater impact on CQO!”

"We are at a critical time to be able to expand supply chain and value analysis professionals’ influence and increase their impact on the overall success of healthcare organizations,” said Annette Pummel, AHRMM’s Chair. "We are eager to work together with AHVAP on the development of professional resources and events for members so they have tools to help drive organization-wide goals.”

The complete Memorandum of Understanding is available at For more information about CQO Movement, please visit

The Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP) is an organization of professionals whose expertise bridges the gap between clinical and supply change process. Through the use of evidence, clinical and financial expertise value analysis facilitators play a pivotal role to ensure effective decision-making that positively impacts clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

About AHRMM The Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) of the American Hospital Association is the leading national association for executives in the healthcare materials management profession. Founded in 1951, AHRMM prepares its more than 4,300 members to contribute to the field and advance the profession through the intersection of cost, quality, and outcomes via networking, education, recognition, and advocacy. AHRMM continues its commitment to keep members ahead of the learning curve by providing information and resources to not only assist them in their current positions, but also to prepare them for upcoming challenges and opportunities. For more information, visit


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