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AHVAP Commitee Updates

Posted By Administration, Monday, June 11, 2018

Annual Conference Planning Committee
Co-Chairs: Susan Toomey and Wanda Lane

Our Conference Planning Committee is finalizing the speaker line-up and planning networking events.  Again this year, in addition to expanded educational opportunities including pre-conference offerings and a post-conference certification review session, there will be face to face meetings for each region, more opportunities to visit with the exhibitors, and fun networking events.

CVAHP (Certification) Committee
Chair: Shannon Candio

As we approach the renewal period for those who were first certified, committee members are focused on making the renewal process simple and convenient.  If you were were awarded a “Pioneer” certification, you will be receiving a renewal notice in a couple of months.

Educational Development Committee
Chair: Chris Hannon

The education committee will be submitting the application for Nursing CE’s for this year’s conference.  AHVAP will also recognize conference CE’s for renewal of CVAHP certification.  In collaboration with the Marketing Committee, we Chris will present a webinar on VA during Healthcare Value Analysis week and prepare brief talks to be available each day of the week.

Industry and Business Education Collaborative (IBEC)
Chairs: Barbara Strain and Gloria Graham

This Board-appointed committee assists with manages contracts AHVAP has with supplier representatives for the purpose of education.  We appreciate the time investment and support from these dedicated members.

Membership Committee
Chair: Susan Miller

The Committee is in the process of reviewing the annual member survey which tracks professional maturation of our AHVAP members. Results are reported at the annual conference during the business meeting.  Committee Members also follow up with members due to renew membership or whose membership may have laspsed.  They are committed to ensuring members are receiving a tangible value from their membership with AHVAP.

Marketing Committee
Chair: Jeffiny Shutts

The Marketing Committee promotes AHVAP and its activities on our website and on a variety of social sites. There have recently been review and revision to website navigation and development of industry contacts to promote AHVAP and Certification.  Committee Members have also been working on promotion of  celebration of Healthcare Value Analysis Week.

Past Presidents Committee
Chair: Sue Knapp

Committee members support AHVAP based on their lengthy association with the organization.  Throughout their years of service, they have been instrumental in molding AHVAP into the organization it has become today.  They are currently evaluating the opportunity to offer educational scholarships and capturing organizational practices in policies to strengthen the foundation of AHVAP. Committee Members continue to be active participants in Committees and in Leadership roles in the organization.

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President's Corner

Posted By Administration, Monday, June 11, 2018

Dear Colleagues-Thank you for your continued work in value analysis and your continued membership in AHVAP.  As we approach summer, I wanted to share with you some things we, your board are working on.

Our strategic plan is in place and we are working on several goals.  The strategic plan is posted on the web site (  Please take some time to read it; it is our roadmap for the future.

Value Analysis week is quickly approaching.  July 16 – July 20, 2018.  You will be seeing a flurry of activity on our social media sites in advance of our chosen week.  I encourage you to recognize your value analysis teams and colleagues for their many contributions to healthcare.  #IAmValueAnalysis

The annual conference registration is open, as is hotel registration.  Our theme this year is Healthcare Value Analysis Evolution.  We have an exciting line up of speakers and presentations.  Come and learn and share your experiences, and use this opportunity to connect with colleagues.  Oh, and maybe take a walk along the beautiful beaches of Clearwater.  I encourage you to register early, and reserve your hotel rooms as soon as possible.  We also have a new conference app to keep us all connected. 

As our conference is aptly titled, healthcare is evolving, and value analysis is part of that evolution.  Our ability to influence healthcare product and practice decisions based on cost, quality and outcomes is influencing and changing healthcare.  Don’t be afraid of the change…embrace it! 

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
Charles Darwin

Have a safe and healthy summer.  I’m looking forward to connecting with you again this fall.

Best regards-

Robin Lane

AHVAP President

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Posted By Administration, Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Welcome Spring.  For many of our members, it’s been quite a long winter and we are happy to move into spring and then into summer. I’d like to share some important updates and information from the Board of Directors.

Management transition:
Our transition from Ewald to Capitol Hill Management is now complete.  We know there were some bumps in the road and we appreciate your patience as we worked thru the transition activities.

Strategic Plan:
Work was begun on a strategic plan last fall, prior to the start of the conference.  You may have been at the meeting where we introduced the topic and discussed the importance of having a plan or a guide for the organization.  I am happy to report that with the assistance of Meagan and Brian at Capitol Hill, the strategic plan has been completed and passed by the Board of Directors.  It will be posted on the web site and is available to review here - LINK.  A strategic plan is important as it guides the work of the board and keeps us moving in an organized fashion to meet the needs of the organization. The plan leads us thru 2020, and focuses on organizational activities this year, including leadership development and increasing AHVAP visibility; in 2019, the focus is on membership, and in 2020, projecting our organization into the national spotlight.  Please take a few minutes to review where we are going.

We are now live on a new platform for learning management.  When the CVAHP modules were created, they were intended to be presented in an interactive fashion, with video clips and question sessions, and allowed for the leaner to move along at their own pace.  When the platform was moved, some of the functionality was lost.  One of our members reached out to us for assistance with this and as a result, a new provider was identified, approved by the board, and the modules moved to the platform it was intended for.  This should significantly improve the usability of the modules and enhance learning for the certification candidates.

By Laws Amendment:
Members of the organization were asked to vote on an amendment to permit an affiliate level membership within the AHVAP organization, as well as further define the retiree role.  The amendment was overwhelmingly approved by the membership. A task force led by Sue Knapp, Immediate Past President has been created to work thru the operational issues and make recommendations to the board before we can launch the affiliate role.  When the operational issues have been addressed and approved by the board, a formal announcement outside of the organization will be made and affiliate members will be accepted into the organization. 

Work continues relative to operational goals, with focus on an organization that provides value to our members, supports education and sharing of knowledge, collaborates with other healthcare professionals, and provide a network of support for value analysis professionals across the country. 

I’d love to hear your feedback.  I can be reached by email at: or by phone at 412-973-3828. 

Best regards-

Robin Lane

Thank you for your dedication to Value Analysis and AHVAP.

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15th Annual AHVAP Education Conference & Supplier Showcase Call for Presentations

Posted By Administration, Monday, February 5, 2018
October 17-19, 2018 Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa Clearwater Beach, Florida Abstract Submission Deadline: April 1, 2018 Submit your Abstract Now! If you or a colleague have special interests, expertise or new and innovative approaches to the practice of Healthcare Value Analysis, please take this opportunity to submit a presentation proposal, or encourage others to do so. We are looking for concurrent session presentations that are 30 or 60 minutes in length. Abstracts that do not meet the following criteria will not be reviewed. Abstracts must be submitted electronically via the online form. All segments of the form must be completed. Submissions will be considered by the AHVAP Conference Planning Committee. Notification of acceptance will be sent in May. The following criteria are used to evaluate all abstracts: Originality of work Relevance or interest to AHVAP members Quality, clarity and completeness of the abstract Abstracts focusing on research findings will be evaluated on their potential significance to the discipline, soundness of the methodology, any empirical, data-based results and rigor Abstracts covering research on current policy issues will be evaluated according to the soundness of the research method and the potential contribution to policy discussion

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Winter 2017 President's Message

Posted By Administration, Friday, January 26, 2018
Updated: Sunday, January 21, 2018

2018 is here and my term as 2017 President has ended.  Where did the time go?  It seems like yesterday I was just getting up and running and now it is over.  What a year it was!  Goodness the things we accomplished together this year.  I am going to start at the beginning of 2017. Let’s see if I can remember everything.


Committee Work

All the committees have all been busy this year and they are all dedicated to you, the member.  They strive to provide tools and resources that will help you grow both personally and professionally.  The committee chairs, co-chairs and members have worked very hard to bring meaningful progress to the work that AHVAP performs.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee led by chair Jeffiny Shutts and vice-chair Laura Polson was quite busy working on a number of initiatives.  They sought out members to write articles published in OR Management/General Surgery News magazines.  A white paper titled “Understanding the Importance of Value Analysis Committees and Educating the C-Suite” was written and is now posted on our website under Member Central in the resource library  Also on the website you will find AHVAP merchandise that you can purchase from our new Land’s End storefront

Another accomplishment this year was the launch of the Preceptor-Protégé Program whereby new professionals to Value Analysis are mentored by seasoned VA professionals for guidance, sharing and networking.  When you are new to something, every little bit of support helps. (Some days I still feel new to my position!)  To date, we have had nine protégés take advantage of the program.

Value Analysis Week had its inaugural kick-off and was established this year for the third week of July.  There will be much more information on celebrating this week with your colleagues forthcoming later this spring.  A Speakers Directory is available on the website if you need an expert to do a presentation for an event.  That is just some of what marketing has accomplished this year. 

Educational Development Committee

The Educational Development Committee has reorganized the members’ Resource Library so you can find past webinars, articles, VA tools and forms more easily.  There were several webinars presented throughout the year and the recordings are all available in the library as well.  Check it out!  Chris Hannon has been leading the charge as the chair of this committee and has plans for more educational offerings for members this coming year.

Membership Committee

Membership has been working with the Past Presidents’ Committee on membership levels and criteria in an effort to be more inclusive of those within the ever-growing VA profession, as well as our members who go onto to other positions. They also developed a satisfaction survey that is disseminated to new members 6 months into their membership.   The information gathered from this survey helps us learn if we are meeting your needs and what programs are important to you.  Susan Miller and Kim Hilliard co-chair this committee with an eye on recruitment and retention.  The Membership Committee will also circulate and manage the biennial Maturation Survey. More on that coming in 2018.  

Industry and Business Education Collaborative

Several suppliers and organizations signed IBEC agreements with AHVAP whereby there is reciprocal sharing of educational resource, such as speakers, white papers, webinar services.   Barbara Strain and Gloria Graham manage this endeavor and they and other AHVAP members are often called upon to speak to associations and healthcare suppliers on the concepts of value analysis.

Certified Value Analysis Healthcare Professional® Committee

There were some challenges this year with the hosting of the certification review course but that is currently resolved and there should have been little to no disruption in availability of the course which is accessed through our website.  A short, two hour review course in a game format was offered after the annual conference this past October and the room was full.  22 of your peers participated in that review course given by Shannon Candio and Melanie Miller and it was very well received.  There will be plans to do that again.  Cheri Berri Lesh has led this committee from the beginning of our journey in creating the certification exam and process.  She will be handing the reigns over to Shannon Candio for 2018.   Thank you. Cheri!  The CVAHP Committee recently requested volunteers to work on taskforces that would review the content and questions to update the exam in the near future.  There are over 70 professionals who have received their Certified Value Analysis Healthcare Professional certification to date. 

Annual Conference Committee

The annual conference was the biggest and best thus far!  Melanie Miller and Sue Toomey did an outstanding job as co-chairs of this committee.  We had dynamic speakers, great networking opportunities, and support from our suppliers all at a wonderful hotel and conference center.  Everything went well and I can’t thank the conference committee enough.  From the food to the CE application to speaker selection they did a fabulous job.  We had many first timers who were very pleased and excited about the conference and the opportunity to meet other professionals.  I know I met some awesome new people at the conference.  The next conference is October 17-19, 2018 in Clearwater, Florida.  Start planning now. You won’t want to miss it! Great topics, sunshine, beach, old and new friends – what more could you ask for???

Past-Presidents Committee

This committee supports the organization and mentors each new Board member.  The Past Presidents serve on the Nominations Committee and provide historical knowledge and perspective.  This year Gloria Graham led an initiative to create recognition letters to be sent to the senior leadership of outgoing Board members and Committee Chairs acknowledging their contributions and commitment to AVHAP.  Establishing scholarships and awards is on the to-do list for this committee for 2018.

Board Work

The Regional Directors are each charged with coordinating a webinar. We had some outstanding webinars this year. The December webinar on Clinical-Supply Integration with Dr. Martin Lucenti from Vizient was particularly well attended.  All our webinars are available to you under the Member Central tab of the website

The Northeast Region had a face-to-face conference in Philadelphia in March.  It was attended by over 30 members and VA professionals and it was very well received.  It was a comfortable small group with great presentations and social networking.  Everyone enjoyed it.  We are planning to continue having Regional Meetings as we can feasibly provide them. The members from each region also met in groups at the annual conference and that was also well received. 

Establishing roles and responsibilities for each Board Member and Committee Chair is one of the Board’s accomplishments in 2017.  Having the roles clearly defined helps new Board members understand their positions. There were some time challenges for a few of the Board members.  Shannon Hicks had to step down from Treasurer earlier this year but still plans future involvement with AHVAP.  Sue Toomey was Treasurer for 2015-2016 and is able to complete the term for Shannon for 2017-2018. Thank you, Sue Toomey!  Beth Fuller also had to step down from the Secretary position in the fall of this year.  That positon was left unfilled until recent elections determined the 2018 Secretary. 

The big news is that AHVAP has hired a new association management firm, Capitol Hill Management Services.  Being the Value Analysis professionals we are, a taskforce developed and issued a RFP for management services in February so we could review our current and potential services.  Our current management firm, Ewald Consulting Group, has been with us for many years helping us establish bank accounts, bylaws, budgets and protocols, as well as growing our conferences and marketing ourselves.  The list goes on. 

Thank you to the Ewald Team: Laurie, Lisa, Bonnie, Kate-Madonna, Nikki and others for helping AHVAP become a nationally recognized association.  The Board and Committees are looking forward to working with Capitol Hill Management Services to continue to grow the association and bring even more value to you, the members. (Shout out to Barbara Strain who did a lot of work on organizing this RFP!)

Finally I want to say ‘Thank You’ to all the Board members, Committee Chairs and the AHVAP members who supported me throughout this year.  This has been one of the most fulfilling years of my professional life. There are so many people to thank for having my back and keeping me on the straight and narrow:  Gloria, Sue T, Robin, Melanie, Beth, Laura, Wanda, Cheri, Jane, Barbara, Jeffiny, Susan M, Kim, Chris, Shannon C and Shannon H, Laurie and Lisa.  I certainly couldn’t have done this without you all.  You have all made me a part of the AVHAP family and I treasure each and every one of you.  I learn something new from you every day – I really do!

Lastly, I want to welcome our new board members, and hand the reigns over to Robin Lane, who will do a phenomenal job for us in 2018!

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Show Me the Way

Posted By Administration, Friday, January 26, 2018
Updated: Sunday, January 21, 2018

Show Me the Way…

When I moved from my role as a Clinical Department Head to Director of Materials Management, I felt like a fish out of water.  I had a lot to learn about distribution and contracting.  This knowledge deficit was compounded when I moved into the role of the System Director for Value Analysis.  I needed to know how to evaluate evidence, conduct a cost analysis, capture and report savings, and develop policies and procedures to support the application of the value analysis process.  I needed to put into place job descriptions for roles to support the new VA approach and prepare PowerPoint presentations to explain the principles of VA and report on VA activities. I wanted to network with experienced VA professionals and learn from them. That’s when stumbled on to a VA chat group that eventually evolved into AHVAP. They shared templates for documenting cost comparisons and capturing savings and provided practical advice for dealing with the challenges I was encountering in my new role.  If you are looking for this kind of information, it is available to you today at MEMBER CENTRAL on the AHVAP webpage , allow me to Show you the way…


Need input, direction, ideas? Post your questions, requests and replies on AHVAP CHAT.  This is a great resource for information about products, evaluations, policies, procedures and all things Value Analysis.  The instructions for submitting a request or opening a chat topic are on the page AND new members are automatically signed up to receive notices of posts.  If you have not established a broad VA resource network, this is a great way to potentially get feedback from more than 360 peers.  The key, though, is FEEDBACK. You are welcome to submit a CHAT topic, but to receive an answer, we need members to reply. Members report feeling frustrated and discouraged when they do not receive any responses. 
Check it out!

Resource Library

There is a goldmine of information in the Resource Library! Members of the Education Committee have been hard at work organizing the information on this page.  Just log on to for information on Contracting, Workflow/Process, Training Tools to Defective Product Forms, Evaluation and Trial Forms, New Product Requests, Policies, Purchase Request Forms, Decision Grids, RFI/RFP’s and PowerPoints about Value Analysis.  As an AHVAP member, this information is available to you.  Don’t “re-invent the wheel”, take advantage of this resource!

Webinars and Podcasts

AHVAP members can also access timely podcasts and view past Webinars.

There is something for everyone.  Log on.  Take a look.  Be amazed!

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Announcing AHVAP's New Speaker Directory

Posted By Administration, Monday, December 4, 2017

AHVAP is announcing a new online Speaker Directory, now available for your use.

You can visit the directory here:

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Summer 2017 President's Message

Posted By Susan D. Knapp, RN, MS, CVAHP, Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Summer 2017 President's Message
sue knapp

Summer is almost over. Where did the time go? I hope you all had a fabulous summer. It seems like when supplier reps are away on vacation there is a tiny lull in activity and you can concentrate on getting some other things done. Anyway I am taking one of those moments before someone knocks at my door to let you know what AHVAP has been up to.

First-ever Value Analysis Week was July 16-22. Did you do something special? Let me know as I would love to publicize what activities you, your department or facility did to recognize you and your colleagues. Now that we have this off the ground we will have a better handle on advertising the week for next year with some promotional materials you can use at your facilities. #IamValueAnalysis.

The store is open! AHVAP has partnered with Land’s End for an online store of AHVAP-branded items. You must check it out. It even has a beautiful heather fleece jacket on sale right now. Awesome quality! You can use this link or go to the AHVAP homepage and look for the site on the top running banner.

The CVAHP (Certification of Value Analysis Healthcare Professionals) Committee is preparing to review the current content and update the exam in the coming year. We currently have 63 Value Analysis professionals certified. If you are not certified yet, what a great way to validate your skill set and knowledge. Check out the CVAHP section on the AHVAP website and look into it.

All the committees are working hard to bring you value and guidance. Marketing is planning to publish a speakers list whereby members can sign up to be available to speak upon requests from supplier companies and other organizations in the industry on Value Analysis. Membership is working on our membership levels to be sure we are inclusive of all VA professionals, new and "old". The Educational Development Committee is rearranging the Resource Library and trying to make it more user-friendly. There’s a lot going on. I hope you will consider joining one of our committees. We would love to add your energy, ideas and perspective to our organization.

The regional directors are working hard, too. They keep in touch with their members and they are all developing the agenda for their upcoming regional meetings. These meetings will occur prior to the start of the annual conference on Weds., October 18 at 12:30. This is a chance to put faces to the names of your peers from your region. Each region will get a chance to network and discuss the challenges they are facing in healthcare value analysis. It will be an excellent opportunity to make new contacts and learn from each other.

The 14th Annual Conference and Supplier Showcase is October 18-20 in Frisco, Texas, near Dallas. It will prove to be a very engaging, exciting and informational event. You will make new friends that will last forever. You will network with folks from across the country who all speak the language of Value Analysis. The conference committee had 29 presentation submissions so it was a difficult decision for them to choose the conference lineup. There are lots of new presenters this year, so check out the online program and register early. I want to meet you all at the conference.

During the Annual Conference, AHVAP will conduct a business meeting. That is scheduled for Thursday morning prior to the conference. I encourage you to attend the meeting if you are at the conference. It is all about you, the member. I will provide an update on the organization and activities for 2017 and there will some business items that will require input from you. The future of this organization depends on its members, so I want to hear what you have to say.

Last, there is a call for Nominations for Board positions for 2018. Robin Lane is the President-Elect and will move to President in January. Shannon Hicks, who was elected as treasurer for 2017-2018, is unable to fulfill that obligation and thus Susan Toomey kindly accepted the appointment for that term. Susan was treasurer for 2015-2016. Positions open are president-elect, secretary, Southeast director and Central director. Look for the qualifications for elected Board positions here.

Another reminder to please download the AHVAP app from DoubleDutch. We are planning to use this more and more to send out information as well as keep you up-to-date on events. We want AHVAP to be at your fingertips. Have a great day. I am here if you need me, so please don’t hesitate to contact me via or

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Purchasing Survey 2017

Posted By Advisory Board, Monday, June 5, 2017
advisory board survey

The Advisory Board is surveying hospital leaders on service outsourcing, value analysis committees, and risk-based contracting in product sourcing. AHVAP members will receive survey results.

» Please visit this link if you are interested in adding your thoughts

This is an independent survey conducted by Advisory Board,

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NE Regional Meeting Update

Posted By Laura Polson, Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Untitled Document

The first annual AHVAP Northeast Regional Meeting was held at the Philadelphia, PA Embassy Suites hotel on March 31st, 2107. Wow! What a great networking opportunity we had with some of the profession’s most innovative thought leaders.

I, Laura Polson, along with our AHVAP President, Sue Knapp, and AHVAP President-Elect Robin Lane, was so excited to help host my first event as the new Northeast Regional Director. Thanks so very much to all of our voluntary attendees, speakers, leaders and to our management organizers who all came together to make this such a memorable event.

Our Keynote speaker Winifred S. Hayes, PhD, RN, ANP, President of Hayes, Inc. started out the day with some valuable lessons regarding “Value Analysis and Evidence: The Keys to Bundled Payment Success”. The discussion focused on “Does supply chain and value analysis have a role in defining the products and procedures standardized within a bundle?” We also explored the current role of value analysis in bundled payment models, discussed the utilization of evidence in product acquisition, standardization, and utilization management and its contribution to cost containment and improved clinical outcomes.
Wini did an incredible job illustrating the utilization of evidence in combination with benchmark data, guidelines, and consensus data. She also sent additional statistics on behavioral health after the meeting which will be posted with her slides, as well as the other speakers, on the AHVAP website towards the end of the month.

Next Cindy Wiersma from Holland Hospital spoke to us about “Communication in Value Analysis: Who, What, Where and When to Cry” She was exciting and insightful with great examples of how they have made changes in their own program. We had a lot of interactive questions and fun with this topic.

After an amazing luncheon we started back with Elke Nelson-Nichols, the Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives for ECRI and Timothy Brown, who really helped us drill down into “Tracking Progress: Methods, Tools, and Ideas” of all the various sources of financial and clinical data as well as benchmarks that are currently available.

We did an interactive planning session on “How to Form High Performance Value Analysis Teams” facilitated by Sue Knapp, Robin Lane and Laura Polson where we broke up into teams and will be sharing lessons learned along with the slide sessions which addressed these topics:

  • Take a Step Back and Look Objectively at Your Team
  • Learn to Quickly Evaluate Your Teams
  • Set Goals & Objectives for Your High Performance Teams
  • Evaluate New Products and Technologies
  • Solve Problems
  • Recalls
  • Product Failures
  • Infection Issues
  • Improve Quality
  • Reduce Costs
  • Classic Functional Analysis
  • Eliminate Waste
  • Utilization Management
  • Review and Implement New Contract Offerings
  • Standardization

Bob Yokl then helped us with a panel discussion at the end of the day on “The Identity Crisis in Value Analysis: Are we Business or Clinical?” Colleen Cusik from John Hopkins and Sue Miller from Thomas Jefferson answered questions along with Laura Polson from Baptist Health. Such a perfect sized group to give everyone a chance to share and learn. We went away energized and excited about new tools and ideas to help our value analysis profession.  IamValueAnalysis#


“I just wanted to tell you that I thought the NE AHVAP Regional Meeting was a great success!!   Outstanding work putting this program together.  It was informative and engaging for all!”
Robert W. Yokl  Sr. Vice President/COO   SVAH Solutions

“Thank you so much for your note and for the opportunity to speak at last Friday’s event—which was awesome, by the way. We were happy to provide the projector and will continue to support your initiatives however we can.

It’s so wonderful to hear that those in the audience found the content of our talk valuable. We are very excited about what’s to come from ECRI, specifically with regards to supporting value analysis initiatives. I look forward to submitting a proposal to present at the annual meeting; though we have a couple topics in mind already, I welcome any suggestions you may have for topics of particular interest to our AHVAP community.

Have a fabulous week and I will see you in Frisco later this year!”
Elke S. Nelson-Nichols, PhD Assistant Director, Strategic Initiatives Health Technology







Hayes, Inc.



UC Health



WellSpan Health



ECRI Institute



Western Connecticut Health Network



LRG Healthcare



Johns Hopkins Health System



Yale New Haven Health






Windber Medical Center



Bayhealth Medical Center



The Johns Hopkins Health System



Penn Highlands Healthcare



Vizient, Inc.



Hayes, Inc.



Kennedy Health Systems



University of Rochester - Highland






Thomas Jefferson U. Hospital, Inc.



Bayhealth Medical Center

Mitten Long


Mount Nittany Health



ECRI Institute



Capital Health



Hayes, Inc.



Baptist Health Floyd



Christiana Care Health Services






ECRI Institute



Procured Health



Health Care



Christiana Care Health Services



Westchester Medical Center



Boston Children’s Hospital



Lehigh Valley Health Network



Holland Hospital



SVAH Solutions

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